The MarInnLeg Foundation is created to offer viable alternatives to the problems that can be found in the sectors of the blue economy, which must face a new legal maritime and fishing scenario from a comprehensive legal perspective. And it is done through an agile structure with a meeting point in which all those involved in the economy and blue society can find advice, training and research.

Description and Objectives

The goal of MarInnLeg is to strengthen sectoral capacities through the generation, management and transfer of maritime and fisheries legal expertise. It is the improvement of this knowledge that will lay the foundations on which to stimulate innovation, development and economic growth in the medium and long term.

This initiative is born as a crucial project within the framework of the Blue Growth plan to make the port of Vigo an innovative port because, through knowledge, it will favor the competitiveness of the business environment and improve the quality of life of society in general. In addition, the reinforcement of capacities will make the port of Vigo an inclusive port that will bring with it new and better employment prospects.

MarInnLeg emerges as support for the economy and blue society. Through this function, representatives of all interest groups of the helix quadruple can broaden their legal maritime and fishing knowledge according to their needs. The obtained knowledge facilitates the private sectors that increase their competitiveness and contribute to maintaining and generating employment, while for public administrations it becomes a fundamental aid for decision-making based on knowledge and aimed at solving the needs of interest groups.


Galicia has long had a wide range of institutions that have between its competencies the research training of the marine and marine environment. The Campus do Mar, formed by the three Galician universities, the Centro Tecnolóxico do Mar, the Spanish Institute of Oceanography (Instituto Español de Oceanografía), the Marine Research Institute of the CSIC (Instituto de Investigacións Mariñas do CSIC) and the training centers of the Consellería do Mar of the Xunta de Galicia form a framework to deal with teaching, research and transfer as an axis for the optimal development of the social environment and the productive fabric.

However, Galicia lacks a permanent study, research and advice service from a specialized maritime and fishery approach that allows the different existing initiatives to be structured. With MarInnLeg there is a nimble and effective group of experts that will be devoted to the investigation of these two axes, capable of facing and going forward with the legal challenges facing the maritime sector and the public administrations.

The objective is to promote a legal security environment in which the sectors of the blue economy can continue to grow. Therefore, it seeks to create a common basis for maritime and fisheries legal knowledge in support of sustainable development that affects the competitiveness of all sectors, while providing access to knowledge, analysis, information and tools and contributes to the creation of stable employment.

Board of trustees

The MarInnLeg Board of Trustees is made up of the following public and private entities:


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