The MarInnLeg Foundation seeks to contribute to generate, transfer and manage maritime and fishing legal knowledge through a series of activities or services available to society: advice, permanent training, observation and research.


The Foundation offers different services and products of maritime legal advice both for the private sector and for public administrations. Nowadays, it is working on issues such as the analysis of the effects of Brexit on the fishing industry and the manufacturing industry, a report on the impact of the 'tax lease' on the construction of fishing boats or the creation of a Register of Fishing Possibilities.


The objective of the Observatory is to provide specialized information to stakeholders or sectors involved, such as universities, public administrations, sectors and civil society. It will be responsible for collecting and making available to all those involved the national, community and international regulations, jurisprudence of the Court of Justice of the European Union, as well as white, green and blue books of the European community.

Another purpose is the creation of a newsletter in an electronic format with the latest news and information of interest related to legislation, sentences, current events, published articles, etc.


MarInnLeg aims to promote research in general, supporting specific initiatives at the regional, national and international levels. To achieve this, it works on the development of publications, specialized reports or dissemination activities, such as roundtables, conferences and conferences.

Already before its foundation, MarInnLeg worked on different issues of current importance for the maritime and fishing sector, such as the analysis of the Brexit and its consequences in the sector or in the preparation of a report on the impact that the tax leased had in the naval sector and in the construction of fishing boats.