Vigo Port finishes the course of fishing inspectors for FAO

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4 June, 2018

During 12 days, a total of 12 inspectors from Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama and Peru reinforced their training with the collaboration of the fishing inspection teams of the Xunta, the General Secretariat of Maritime Fisheries, experts from FAO (from the UN ), the European Commission, the Port Authority of Vigo and the European Fisheries Control Agency. In addition, participants had the opportunity to interact with members of the shipbuilding sector, fresh and frozen fishing, among others.

The course “Strengthening capacities for the implementation of the Agreement on Port State Measures (PSM)”, or what is the same, the first binding international treaty specifically focused on illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing, It was carried out with the aim of strengthening the application of the MPC, organizing a program aimed at strengthening the capacities of the fisheries inspection bodies of the countries that signed the Agreement.

At the closing ceremony the attendance diplomas were handed out and the participation of the conselleria do Mar, Rosa Quintana; from the course coordinator, Joao Neves; and the president of the Port Authority, Enrique López Veiga. During his speech, López Veiga highlighted what he considers a positive and interesting experience for the entire community related to port and fishing activities.

As López Veiga recalled, Galicia and the Port have become a benchmark of transparency and good practices in the fight against illegal fishing and an example in the application of the principles of Growth and Blue Economy.

FAO itself has chosen the Port of Vigo as a training center for illegal, unregulated and unregulated fishing.

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