Galicia creates a foundation to study the legal aspects of fishing

MarInnLeg Foundation is born, the first of the public-private EU to study maritime and fisheries issues
21 July, 2017
Port will request compensation for the damage caused to Vigo with the tax lease
25 May, 2018

Galicia is the first area of ​​the European Union to create a foundation with a public-private sponsorship to study the technical aspects related to fishing and maritime activity in the economic, legal and administrative areas. MarInnLeg was officially set up yesterday but is already working on different topics such as the analysis of Bréxitand the preparation of a report on the impact of tax lease on the construction of fishing boats.

The project, framed in the Blue Growth Plan led by the Port Authority of Vigo, has the participation of the Galician universities, different associations of the sectors, companies and the central and regional administrations. MarInnLeg foundation, chaired by the Regional Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, arises from the “need” to bet on the improvement of maritime and fisheries legal knowledge as a key factor to stimulate innovation, development and economic growth in the medium and long term term, according to the Regional Minister of the Sea.

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