MarInnLeg Foundation is born, the first of the public-private EU to study maritime and fisheries issues

Galicia is the first region of the EU to create a Foundation with a public-private board for the study of maritime and fisheries legal matters
21 July, 2017
Galicia creates a foundation to study the legal aspects of fishing
22 July, 2017

MarInnLeg Foundation, which has public-private patronage, has been officially set up this Friday with the aim of “covering technical aspects that have to do with the fishing activity in its different versions: economic, legal and administrative“, as well as for “contribute to a sustainable socio-economic development of the sector”.

This has been translated by Regional Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, who stressed that with this, Galicia becomes the first region of the European Union to have such an entity”, which also includes associations, companies, the Galician universities, the Port of Vigo and the central and regional administrations.

The director, who chairs the entity, said that with its creation “the starting point is something that will be great for the sector” and has the will to “keep growing”, and has put in value that in the The framework of this new entity is already working on issues such as analyzing the effects of ‘Brexit’ and the impact of ‘tax lease’ on the construction of fishing boats.

The president of the Port Authority of Vigo, Enrique López Veiga, said that although the board of trustees has different administrations, “the idea” is that they give prominence to the other entities participating in this foundation, which has highlighted that It will be a “pioneer” in the study of law and the maritime economy.

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