Galicia is the first region of the EU to create a Foundation with a public-private board for the study of maritime and fisheries legal matters

MarInnLeg Foundation is created for the study of maritime and fisheries legal matters
21 July, 2017
MarInnLeg Foundation is born, the first of the public-private EU to study maritime and fisheries issues
21 July, 2017

Rosa Quintana, Regional Minister of the Sea, highlighted on Friday in Vigo the importance of creating the foundation with a public-private board MarInnLegto “cover those technical aspects that have to do with fishing activity in its different versions, both in the economic, as in the legal and administrative”. In this regard, he stressed that Galicia is the first region of the European Union to have an entity with these characteristics.

This was stated during the act of constitution of this foundation, a project framed in the Blue Growth Plan led by the Port Authority of Vigo and in which the Galician universities participate, different associations of the sectors, companies, the Port of Vigo and the central and autonomic administrations. In the act, the conselleira was accompanied by the president of the Port Authority of Vigo, Enrique C. López Veiga.

Through this entity, the incumbent of Sea, “we seek together to cover the gaps that may exist in the different aspects of development of the activity”. In this regard, he explained that the foundation was born “with the will to continue growing and to continue admitting all those who believe they have much to contribute”.

In addition, the director said that the constitution of this tool makes “today is a very important day for the entire fishing industry and we hope it is a starting point for something big for the sector”. In relation to the activity of MarInnLeg, he explained that, although it was officially constituted yesterday, he was already working on different issues, among them, the analysis of Brexitand a report on the impact of tax lease on the construction of fishing boats.

MarInnLeg Foundation is chaired by the Regional Minister of the Sea, Rosa Quintana, and will try to contribute to a sustainable socioeconomic development of the Galician maritime sector through the promotion and transfer of legal knowledgein this area. It arises from the need to bet on the improvement of maritime and fisheries legal knowledge as a key factor to stimulate innovation, development and economic growth in the medium and long term.

It seeks, therefore, to respond to the current challenges to which the sectors of the blue economy of Galicia are subject, in an increasingly complex environment, both by international competition and by the various levels of decision-making and regulation, and that are related to foreign and domestic trade, competition policies, the economy, employment, and the environment.

This foundation is constituted as a public-private alliance, formed by clusters, public administrations, research centers of public-private entities and civil society. The Consellería del Mar, the Port Authority of Vigo, the Campus del Mar, Aclunaga, Arvi, Asime, Cepesca, Conxemar, Abanca and Banco Sabadell form part of its board of directors.

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